Canoe Fishing

Canoe Fishing – Tips to Fish from a Canoe

Canoe fishing is a learned art, but with a few canoe fishing tips to help you attain the necessary techniques and strategy, you’ll save more time and will keep you on the fish.

The biggest obstacle between you and catching more fish from a canoe is canoe positioning and controlling the canoe. You’ve heard the saying, “location is everything” in reference to real estate. Well the same is true in fishing. Where you fish is paramount and will be the determining factor in how many fish you catch, the species you catch, and yes, even the size of fish you catch.

Maneuvering the canoe is the most difficult task when it comes to canoe fishing. Unless you have a trolling motor mounted onto your canoe, you must provide the paddle strokes to maintain position and keep your fishing line where the fish are.

There are a few canoe fishing techniques that you should learn that will be handy on canoe lakes and as well as while fishing from a canoe on a river.

Canoe Fishing Tips

In the Boundary Waters and Quetico parks, canoeing is a way of life. Fishing is also a way of life, and also a necessary means for sustainability for some folks on a week long canoe trip that have provisioned for only a couple days of food thinking that they’ll eat fish that they catch the rest of their trip.

You can be a successful fisherman, but in order for that to translate to its fullest extent in the BWCA or Quetico, you’ll need to be at least adequate when it comes to controlling and maneuvering the canoe.

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